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  • Video

    Documentary video about XCyton and its vision to change the landscape of Molecular Diagnostics Services.
  • Company Profile

    Company Profile
    XCyton is a revolutionary Molecular Biology Company founded in 1993 by Dr. B.V. Ravi Kumar. Dr. Kumar, a Physician-Scientist turned technocrat,
  • Advantage

    XCyton has a strong in-house research team capable of convceiving, designing and building prototypes based on inventions.
  • Awards

    Bio-Singapore Award - The Most Important Technology Developed in Asia in year 2009 Best Bio-Product Award - Syndrome Evaluation System by Biospectrum for the year 2008
  • Services

    Syndrome Evaluation System (SES)- A patented technology that comprises of rapid multiplex amplification and accurate identification.
  • Research

    XCyton is looking for committed and dedicated professionals who enjoy working on cutting edge research driven products and services.