About Us

+Our Vision
XCyton's vision is to become the global leader in Diagnostic Product development and to put India on the world map of Medical diagnostics.
+Our Mission
  • Is to save lives and prevent disabilities.
  • To translate our passion for science and availability of cutting edge technology into product that will meet the unmet Medical Needs in patient care.
+Our Commitment
XCyton creates leaders; not managers.

  • Our motto at XCyton is to save lives and prevent disabilities thus improving the quality of life of an individual and the nation. We do this through innovations in medical science to meet the unmet medical needs.
  • XCyton is committed to creating an ambient atmosphere in which all employees can work together in a clean and safe environment. They can learn and build career in science.
  • Team XCyton is committed to provide delight to the customers and others who interact with the company.
Core Values:
The core values that are practised in XCyton are:
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Team spirit/unity
+Accolades & Awards
  • Bio-Singapore Award - The Most Important Technology Developed in Asia in year 2009
  • Best Bio-Product Award - Syndrome Evaluation System by
    Biospectrum for the year 2008
  • Best Bio-Product Award - JEV-CheX by Biospectrum for the year 2004
  • Bio-Singapore Award - RABOBANK India Bio Business award for HIV CheX & HEP CheX C

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Tests Offered (XCyto-Screen)
Syndrome Evaluation System(SES) is available for the diagnosis of the following infections:

SES-MENINGITIS Detects 14 different bacteria’s and 3 species of fungi
SES-MENINGO ENCEPHALITIS Detects 5 different DNA viruses, 4 leading bacteria’s, 1 parasite and 1 fungal spp.
SES- ACUTE ENCEPHALITIC SYNDROME Detects 14 different RNA viruses, 5 DNA Viruses, 4 leading Bacteria’s, 1 parasite and 1 fungal spp.
CYSTI CheX Detects Neurocysticercal Antibodies
SES- SEPSIS( ADULTS, NEONATES & BURNS) Detects 16 different bacteria’s and 2 species of fungi
SES- PNEUMONIA Detects 17 different bacteria’s, 2 species of Fungi and 4 DNA viruses
SES- ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE Detects Gene markers in bacteria’s that confers resistance for 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins, carbapenems, Vancomycin, Methicillin
SES – ACUTE PYREXIA Detects the commonest fever causing pathogens – 3 bacteria’s, 2 parasites and 2 RNA viruses
SES- DENGUE-CHIKUNGUNYA Detects the 2 RNA viruses that cause seasonal fevers
SES- FEBRILE NEUTROPENIA Detects 17 different bacteria’s, 2 species of Fungi and 4 DNA viruses
SES-TRANSPLANT Detects 17 different bacteria’s, 2 species of Fungi and 4 DNA viruses
SES- ENDOPHTHALMITIS Detects 10 different bacteria’s and 2 species of Fungi
SES- RETINITIS Detects 3 DNA viruses
SES – UVEITIS Detects the Mycobacterium spp and 1 parasite
SES- PAN UVEITIS Detects the 3 RNA, 3 DNA viruses, 3 Mycobacterium spp. And 1 parasite
SES FUCH’S Detects 3 DNA viruses, M.tuberculosis and 1 parasite
HPV Genotyping Detects 18 different high risk HPV genotypes that cause CaCx

  • CNS Infections- Sample required is CSF(1-2 ml). The CSF should not be centrifuged or subjected to Cytospin.
  • Blood Stream infections & Infections of immunosuppression – Sample required is EDTA Blood.
  • Ophthalmic Infection – Sample required is Aqueous Humour (100µl) & Vitreous Lavage (2mL).
  • HPV Genotyping – Cervical tissue biopsy or Cervical cell scraping.
    Send all the CSF , Blood Sample, Vitreous lavage in a EDTA Vacutainer.